Our classes are open and always welcome to newcomers regardless of a student’s age, fitness level, or ability. We believe perseverance is the primary requirement needed for attaining the rank of black belt.

Within the context of a traditional, Japanese style, Uechi Ryu, we use katas (forms) and their application to teach self defense techniques while always mindful that our instructors mission is to do more than just help our students acquire the knowledge and skill needed to protect themselves.

At Alan Kessler’s Karate Center “black belt excellence” means respecting others.


Adult students also have a number of dojo fitness programs available to them, including Kickboxing. Tuesday/Thursday morning cardio fitness classes provide a mix of cardio, resistance, and core work, and are also a great opportunity to exercise which your children - be a great role model for good health habits. Check out the schedule for current fitness classes.

Women's Self Defense Classes

AKKC offers a 4 class/4 week series of self-defense classes for women (14+ years w/ under 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian) for karate students and the public. For more information visit the Self-Defense webpage.

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