Junior Program


Application of the martial arts to a student’s everyday life is a major component of each class. Self-defense is more than how to punch and kick. Personal safety begins with making the right decisions. Lessons on Stranger Danger, bullying, and for the older children, computer safety, are important aspects of our classes.


All our classes are taught in a fun, child-friendly, and supportive manner. Our instructors know each child and teach according to the child’s unique way of learning. We use games and stories to make the martial arts come alive.


Our emotional learning program includes monthly character education themes, activities, and is designed to reinforce core values while helping our students make better, more respectful decisions in life.

Junior students earn a Tiger, Crane, or Dragon patch by doing 30 good deeds at home showing honesty, courtesy, responsibility, and respect. They can also earn an Academic Superstar patch if their report card shows effort.

Upon joining the school, junior students receive the patch of our school for promising not to smoke, drink, or take drugs.

Stranger/Danger classes are offered to our students and free to the community. We invite youth leaders to contact us so we can arrange a Stranger/Danger class at a time convenient for your organization.

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