Kickboxing Classes!

At AKKC we are offering 45-minute, tabata-style, fun heart pounding classes for $5 a class! Each student punches and kicks on their own free-standing heavy bag while wearing padded gloves. Kickboxing tabata is 20 seconds on a bag, 10 seconds rest, all to pumped up and loud music! It is a great way to change-up your workout and try something new.

Benefits of Kickboxing include:

  • Full Body Workout: Combines cardio and resistance workouts in one kickboxing class.
  • Muscle Toning: Tones upper and lower body through punching and kicking - feel stronger each time.
  • Stress Relief: Relieve stress on a punching bag!
  • Better Circulation: Get the heart rate going to increase circulation in the body.
  • Self Defense: Great for general self-defense and self-confidence building.
  • Improve Balance: While kicking on one foot, build balance and stability to throw harder kicks as time goes on.
  • Improve Coordination: Combination punches and kicks improve overall coordination.
  • It's Fun!: A high energy workout to great music - that is fun for everyone!

Classes are open to everyone! All fitness levels are welcome. Children 10 yrs and older are welcome to participate free with a parent or responsible adult.

Class Schedule
      Monday 6:30 pm - Kickboxing
      Tuesday 7:30 pm - Kickboxing
      Wednesday 6:00 pm - Kickboxing & Sandbell Class
      Thursday 8:00 pm - Advanced Kickboxing
      Saturday 7:00 am BootCamp and 8:00 am Kickboxing
      Sunday 9:00 am Kickboxing

Unlimited classes - $50/month or 6-class punch card/$30, 13-class punch card/$60 (no expiration) or drop-in fee/$5. First class is always free.

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Special classes can be scheduled for groups or clubs, just ask!

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