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We have resumed in-person learning, and our online schedule has resumed as well.

Please call Mr.s Nichols for in person learning classes, as these are by appointment only while

we continue to follow Massachusetts guidelines for businesses and occupancy.

We apologize for the lack of updates here over the last year.
Please check back soon/often for the latest news and most current information..
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Please Visit Our Video Library For Kata Examples.

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It is better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness..... Chinese Proverb



Our Dojo

We are a family run school that creates a supportive, family atmosphere for our students allowing them to study the martial arts in an environment of encouragement and respect.

Since its opening in 2000, Alan Kessler’s Karate Center has trained students in Uechi Ryu, a traditional Japanese form of karate. Having a student know effective, self-defense techniques is an important part of what we teach but it is not our only mission.

Our primary goal is to reinforce core values through the martial arts. We encourage our students, adults and children, to use the virtues of the martial arts in all aspects of their lives. In our opinion, the most important virtue is respect for others.

Check out a 2016 "Connecting Billerica" BATV Interview with two of our AKKC instructors, Mr. Chin and Mr. Gervais talking about the school...their interview begins at 12:40 of the video.


At our school we use STAR in the martial arts, a curriculum for junior students Sensei Alan Kessler helped develop. STAR stands for Stop, Think, Act, and Review or Success Through Accepting Responsibility. Monthly themes and activities form the basis of STAR. For example, with the theme, I Can Be Kind and Courteous!, students are asked to keep a log book of the kind and courteous acts they did during the month. In mat chats, instructors discuss what it means to be helpful and respect others.

Women's Self Defense

We offer a series of classes on self defense for women. Watch for the dates of the next session. Check out the Self-Defense Class webpage for more information about the class content and details.


We are offering Kickboxing workouts 3 days a week! This is a 45 minute tabata-interval style kickboxing class using free standing heavy bags and padded gloves. Classes are open to the public, and children 10+ are encouraged to attend with a parent or responsible adult. Classes are held at the dojo with a reservation only and on Zoom. Email for a reservation or zoom link information. Due to Covid, kickboxers must bring their own gloves and mat for abs.Visit the Kickboxing webpage for more information.

Current Programs & Specials

Introductory Karate Journey - 2 Months for $99! (new students only)

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