Cranes are typically ages 9-15.

Uechi Ryu Karate

Cranes students study a more intense program than our Dragon students. Cranes classes contain many of the drills and training curriculum from our adult program yet is delivered in an age appropriate way. Crane students start to learn about technique application and style philosophy as their training progresses. Uechi Ryu classes for this age group work on building core fitness skills and stamina. Students learn traditional forms and deepen their self defense training.

Rank Specific Small Group Classes

Student testing for advanced rank are offered small group rank specific classes. This provides ample opportunity to challenge the student and provide learning material at a higher level.

Junior Sparring

We offer two sparring classes students of this age group may attend. Equipment is required. As with all our classes, this one is taught in a controlled atmosphere. The intention of our sparring classes is to help students, while working with their partner, gain greater confidence in the use of their martial arts skills.

Character Education

Character education is integrated into each and every cranes class at our school. We find that children in the 9-16 age group are the most likely to report incidences of bullying. As children grow they have more freedom and often less oversight. Our character education program seeks to ensure that our students make good healthy and safe choices. During class we discuss topics such as peer pressure and Internet bullying. We encourage students to discuss issues that they may be having in school or within their social circle. We try to stay connected to our parents. You are free to inform us of any issues or concerns you are experiencing outside of the dojo. We can deliver a Martial Arts message to help deal with the problem. No child is promoted to the next rank, belt or stripe without us first obtaining the permission of their parent or caregiver. We aim to be a bridge between the lessons children learn in the dojo and their application in the great world.

Workshops, Events and Fundraisers

We hold a variety of holiday and community events during the year. We encourage all students to become involved with the dojo off the training floor.

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