Dragons are typically ages 4-9 years old.

Uechi Ryu

Our traditional karate classes include traditional warm ups, exercises, katas (forms) and character education. No two classes are the same, our instructors strive to make every class both interesting and fun. Children are taught Martial Arts skills from day one. The goal of this program is to provide a solid foundation in self defense, but to also establish an excellent foundation in core Martial Art skills and techniques. All classes contain character education work, aimed at increasing confidence, resilience and independence. Our students are also encouraged to be compassionate and caring members of their school community, home life and wider world.

Junior Sparring

We offer sparring classes students of this age group may attend. Equipment is required. As with all our classes, this one is taught in a controlled atmosphere. The intention of our sparring classes is to help students, while working with their partner, gain greater confidence in the use of their martial arts skills.

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